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(12-31-2011 03:22 PM)floydtown Wrote: [ -> ]I never used it before but do you login with your regular ID and password or do you have to register again?
I tried logging in and it wouldnt let me in so is it that anyone not registered before the update cant get in now?

Since the old marketplace userlist was the same list that the grading site looks at, anybody that had ever logged into the either got migrated over to the new site when the new marketplace came onine. Now there is not a seperate marketplace login, so any new users in the last month (i forget exact date new marketplace came online) create a new username at but that username does not exist in the database that the grading page uses. So visitors to (or who click the grading tab at arrive there and, if they don't have a username there already, they have to register for one.
For those who have recently registered for an account on the grading site and then couldn't get the link in the validation email to work, I have just found and fixed the problem that was making the link take you to the marketplace instead of validating your account.
(12-31-2011 02:43 AM)it guy Wrote: [ -> ]You have 3 accounts on the grading site. I have just manually validated the one who's email address matches the email address on your trixstar account here.

Thank you very much. I registered a couple of others seeing if it was something I did wrong with the original. I saw your other post about it being an error that you corrected. It's much appreciated.
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