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Full Version: Harper auto for trade
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Only looking for other bomwan autos. Willing to do trade/sale. Also got a Liam Hendricks game used Snappers jersey availible but cant put that in organize

[Image: 001-2.jpg]
Yup, definitely need that for my set. Check my org, or let me know if there's other stuff you're looking for specifically. Cheers.
Got a bucket link?
you can give me a check for harper. see if i got anything you're interested in. thanks!
Check my organize - let me know if there are specific Chrome Autos you are looking for..... I can always add them to my organize. - start there and see what you find.

(12-29-2011 07:00 PM)Showoff Wrote: [ -> ]Got a bucket link?
PM sent
Please take a look at my org, see if I have anything you'd be interested in. Thanks
Still got it
have a matt moore BC auto, and 4 kolten wong base autos
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