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Got gift cards for Christmas and used them on a couple of are the MMA Hits:


Hominick gear

Tito matt card

and the one card that I never thought I would hit since they are my favorite fighters...

numbered 22/25
GSP & Hughes Dual Auto 22/25

I hope everyone else finds the MOJO soon!!!
nice!!! i am interested in the benavidez! i have all sports!!
WOW! You can't pull a card much better than that one!!! Congrats!
Thanks guys, I was pretty stoked. My best friends and I each had a favorite in the GSP, Hughes, and Penn guy was Hughes, but I always liked GSP as well. I actually have signed posters from the 1st Hughes vs Penn fight, and the 2nd GSP vs Hughes fight....both are signed by Hughes, and GSP and Penn for the one that they fought on.
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