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(11-13-2012 01:43 PM)once78 Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats on the quest (love hate thing I am sure) Just wondering what you payed for the Maris relic in 2012? Thanks

96 on COMC, he had it for 130 and went back and forth until we settled at 96,, the BV on hit has taken a hit

The last one I needed from 2012 was Mantle and that was the most I paid 140
That was a solid deal man. I think I have a bit too much in my Maris but did you see what they book at $250 high book. Do you have any idea why the Maris is so much high than most of the other relics? THanks and Congrats again.
I am thinking of selling my entire relic collection. working out an offer for around 7,500 for everything.. That's every relics from 2006-2012
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