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As all of you know...I collect everything mainly football. But recently been thinking about focusing more on the Giants. However, my question you focus on them as a team or pick a player or both??? The players that I like best are Eli and Hakeem Nicks (I mean other than Rodney hampton) but that stuff runs out of my price range for the most part. I have thought about focusing on Jerell Jernigan but am afraid to invest too much into him if he doesnt make the team next year. However, he could be a diamond in the rough and his stuff is dirt cheap.

Any thoughts??
i collect a lot of present day 49ers as well as hall of fame 49ers everyones different some collect just a few of there team others want all of them. As far as Jerell Jerrigan if he turns out to be good then of course the value of his cards would go up and if he was no longer on the giants you could always trade them away or sell them. I have been buying some Aldon Smith cards because that guy is having an amazing year for a rookie and he is a niner so later if he is traded away i could always trade his cards away though i probobly will not either way because he has helped the niners have a winning season for the first time in far to long
I collect mainly my team (Packers) Also collect some specific players (Jim Leonhard and Donald Driver). I would suggest collecting your team in general, but maybe with a little more focus on a few specific players you like.
When I first came back in 2006 into the hobby, I collected everything under the sun. Eventually I didn't get a feel of accomplishment because I wasnt looking for a particular item. Then I decided to only collect two things..... 1.) Dallas Cowboys Rookie Class Autos from Threads and 2.) Playoff Contenders RC and RC Autos of Cowboys.

By doing this, it gives me something to look forward to with the Release of these two products. I'll buy a box of two of each, then, I will trade/buy for the singles I need for my PC.
I collect mainly Arian Foster, but I collect a bunch of Texans as side PCs. I have a bunch of Andre Johnson, Mario Williams, Matt Schaub, JJ Watt, Brian Cushing, and a few Connor Barwins. So I collect Texans in general, but Foster is really the main focus.
Im new to collecting, and right now im only collecting Brees rookie cards....and that is a bit overwhelming lol. i think im just going to stick to Brees Smile
Here is one approach. Make you a list of your favorite ten Giants, past and present and stick to just that list.

It will help you not end up with a bunch of game used and autos of guys that didn't pan out.
I got 3 words for ya... Jason Pierre Paul
thanks for all the advice so far!
When I first started collecting, I took in anything Giants. Then I realized there are far too many guys I don't want. When I decided to player collect, I picked Hakeem Nicks because he is my favorite player. The problem with doing that was he already had a years worth of cards out so I will always be behind. Now that I have roughly 225 different Nicks cards it's getting a bit harder to find ones I need so I've decided to start my next 2 favorite players. JPP and Cruz.
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