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[Image: KGrHqFmEE69QqOuzZBO63ikJwNg60_3.jpg]
Crawford Auto

[Image: 1325056942.jpg]
Chipper Dual GU

and this one, its /50 and really a beaut:
[Image: 1325056876.jpg]
Al Kaline Auto /50

All FT
Nice box! Way better than any of mine.
Thanks bud, I also got a Cabrera black parallel /50, and base cards of Holliday and someone else I forgot who.
Great Box.
(12-28-2011 05:21 PM)Krangry Wrote: [ -> ]Great Box.

Hey thanks. I guess I cant complain when you get a single that is valued at the same price as the entire box. Im not a fan of Kaline so its good trade bait. Tier One is far better than Marquee IMO. Better caliber of autos typically across the run. I think the other good product is TTT.
The other products seem to be less vet based, ie more rookies that are cheap to include in products and leave ya scratchig your head asking "who is that?"
I agree, ttt and t1 have bee good to me.
Nice Break!!
Hey bud give me a look for the Kline and Crawford. Thanks
I am interested in the chipper. I have more that is not on here let me know what your looking for in return.
Check me for the Chipper.
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