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I'm looking for any of the these cards to either buy or trade for:

Knockout red ink auto's /15

Knockout three of a kind triple auto-hughes,gsp, serra /10

Knockout fighter relic auto mat parallel /1

Moment of Truth tale of the tape auto /10

Moment of Truth Elite Skills /25

Title shot Hughes/Silva dual mat auto /25

Finest Hughes/GSP dual auto /25

Finest Hughes/Miletich iron sharpens iron dual auto

Thats the main list. I'm always looking for any hard to find rare cards but usually just auto's or relics. Also looking for any auto'd printing plates.


I dont have anything from your list but I have a red ink auto Marcus Davis, an auto/relic /8 Matuyshenko and some others u might like?

What do u have to trade?
oops here is a bucket. they should also be listed here on beckett
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