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Full Version: Freddie Freeman FT
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Have 3 different Freddie Freeman AUs FT:
2011 Finest Refractor AU/499
2011 Finest XFractor AU/299
2011 Bowman Sterling Refractor AU/199(not listed in database yet)

Seeing what I could get for all 3.
PMs, offers or whatever. Thanks!

Will post scans soon.
What are you looking for out of the X?
cardboard fan- would like $35 TV even though I prefer to trade all 3 for a bigger card. Let me know, thanks!
check me
I don't need all of them but if you break it up then check me for the X please
If these are still for trade, please check me. thanks!
cardsfest- didn't see anything
cardboard fan- I liked the Chipper AU but it's too much for the Freeman
spitjean- offer sent
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