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I picked up a couple of cards and can't identify one and can't locate the other in the price guide.

I can't ID this card.

[Image: scan5.jpg]

[Image: scan6-1.jpg]

I'm guessing the card below is a 1998 Crown Royale Pivotal Players Eddie George Printing Plate, but can't find it in the price guide. Do they put older printing plates in the guide?

[Image: scan3.jpg]

Anyone have any information on either of these?
The printing plate was part of the liquidation of Pacific. Fleer went as well and there are printing plates of them floating around as well. They are not actual inserts into packs and instead were sold off at auction to get rid of everything in inventory. Thus is why they are not carried in the Price Guide. There is no telling how many printing plates were made for each set. As for the Moon card - I have no idea lol
I looked and couldnt find them either. George has plates from 1997 so Im not sure why theyre not listed.
Im sure theres someone to email that adds cards to the OPG. Just not sure who.
Sweet George though!!
the first is a broder card..unlicensed, wont be in the opg

the second is a print plate that was backdoored during a bankruptcy, wasnt available in packs, and wont be in the opg
Thanks everyone for the help.

I like to put everything in the ORG, so I hate when something isn't available. Maybe one day they'll add a feature that allows you to enter your own custom entries.
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