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Full Version: Looking for Harvick's
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I made the mistake of giving my wife a couple of Harvick race used cards. Now she is offering up my traders to get her more. Really looking hard for 2010 Main Event Upper Cuts of Delana (have the /25 & /150 versions already) and the duals of Kevin/Delana. She would also be interested in multi color race used & multi swatch cards. Might also entertain autos, but she isn't to fond of them unless inscriptions. Figures for someone that doesn't know anything about cards (likes ones that are "pretty" to look at) she would pick the expensive ones for me to get her. Let me know what you got and if you have scans of them. Also check my org as I have way to many RU & auto traders.

got a few harvicks. have an legends auto #'d to /50. you have some kyle busch stuff I am intersted in if I have anything you are interested in. thanks
If I pull any of them this year, you will be the first to know (or at least the only one to get a PM before I post it)! Big Grin
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