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Full Version: Week Off Trade Thread
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Just throwing up a trade thread while I'm on vacation. Looking for football AUs & Tom Brady RCs mostly. Also looking for baseball HOF relics I don't have or whatever catches my eye.

2008 Contenders Posey AU
2011 Finest Freeman AU
2010 Chicle Stubbs AU
2011 Topps Series 2 Cliff Lee AU
2010 Finest Moments Ryan Howard AU
Plus more...

PMs & offers welcome, thanks!
A week off, wow I am jealous.
One of the perks of being a teacher, the different vacations : )
Im a teacher too! Enjoying my Winter vacation, hope you are too! Please check me for the Posey. Thanks
Ha! I just switched my major over to teaching with an endorsement in natural sciences and a coaching endorsement
Im interested in the Posey as well. If you cant work out a deal with lridgey, check my org.
check me for the stubbs and any players in my sig
lridgey- didn't see anything
BoJackson- Like the Certified Dalton AU but don't think it's enough for the Posey
rascrush- I like the Triple Threads booklet but it's probably too much.

Anyone else?
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