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Full Version: NEW YEARS CONTEST #2
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Pack 6?

edit: missed it by 1 minute!!! maybe next one!

Thanks for the contests anyway.

maybe I will, haha!
(12-26-2011 10:23 PM)Krangry Wrote: [ -> ]Pack 2 Please!

krangry thats leaves you pack #2 theres no pack #12
(12-26-2011 10:27 PM)giants1957 Wrote: [ -> ]krangry thats leaves you pack #2 theres no pack #12

Ya i fat fingered the 1, lol. Tried to edit it.
Is pack gone. I will take it if not.
Crap just missed. Derek, can you take it again? Better odds
(12-26-2011 10:26 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]maybe I will, haha!

Better odds for you this time. Can you do it again?
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