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I want to start the New Years with a bang with unusual contest:

A free 2010 Topps Chrome Jason Heyward rookie Cert. auto will be given to winner of the first 36 entrants(first come first served)

i have 36 unopen packs (15 cards per pack). This contest is by having the lowest total added (15cards)to their assign players card number behind their card each pack. For example....Bill Long card is #309, so each pack i open for each participant i will be totaling of all 15 cards.

post what pack number you want as each pack is numbered

at the end of this contest, i will PM the winner for further mailing information

In case of a will be the pack with the lowest number card
(card #1 will win).....Good Luck and have a HAPPY NEW YEARS
How do you get a pack of cards
(12-26-2011 04:17 PM)cardsfest Wrote: [ -> ]How do you get a pack of cards

thanks for asking.....i forgot to add that too.....i individually numbered all 36 packs i will edited that post.....thanks......u will have to post what number pack u want
I want 13
I'll go after my hero #4
I will take pack # 8
I'll take number 33
I would like pack 7
ill take #6
I will take #20
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