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Looking to get some trades done to bring in the new year.

Looking for Cardinals Autos / High End Berkman Cards.

Let me know what you have / Send offers.

[Image: Trade1001.jpg]

[Image: Trade2001.jpg]

Have a lot more stuff in my org, if you see something that you like that isnt in my org, let me know, ill add it.
hey man. just sent you an open offer. give me a look! thanks.
That is a nice looking Ethier patch
open offer sent
check me for the bautista
I have:
2005 Topps Pristine Die Cut Red #145 Lance Berkman Jsy /3

lmk if interested
Check me for the britton please.
Ethier is gone.
Check me on the Koufax!!
check me for the either and scherzer please
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