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Well, there was a hobby box of 09-10 Champ's under the tree today. Here are the hits:

Rick Nash
Carey Price
Scott Niedermayer
Daniel Carcillo
Jarome Iginla
Phil Kessel

Derick Brassard
Ryan Miller

Marian Gaborik

Historical Figures
George Washington
Benjamin Harrison
Sir Charles Tupper

Natural History
Anatum Peregrine Falcon
Stegoceras Edmontonese
Ornithominus Edmontonticus

Wonders of the World

Dan Turple
Michael Del Zotto
Matthew Corrente
Jason Demers

And the jsys/autos

Steve Shutt
Patrick Sharp
Jordan Staal

Oscar Moller

I know threads/autos are 1:7, so 4 hits isn't anything to complain about, but I literally just started getting into Hockey, so how'd I do player wise? I'm throwing the autos/jsys into my org as we speak, if anyone needs any of the other cards, lmk and I'll add those as well! LMK how I did! Merry Christmas!
You did farely good. Congrats on your first box!_
I might be interested in th Dan Turple! I watched him in Junior A when he played for my hometown Wellington Dukes
Not to bad
(12-25-2011 05:25 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Not to bad

Always liked the champs sets with dinos and presidents.

You did pretty well.

If you would have pulled a Gretzky,Stamkos,Roy,Lemieux, Crosby, Ovechkin yellow animal icon you would had a big hit in your first box.

but those are only one per case.

Congrats on your first hobby box, always fun !
well it's not my first hobby box, just in terms of hockey it is lol
(12-25-2011 09:45 PM)swjrp10 Wrote: [ -> ]well it's not my first hobby box, just in terms of hockey it is lol

welcome to the wonderful world of hockey then.
you did alright in my mind
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