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Ok so whatim wondering is i we can put togethe a rther large list that would include the top 10 players from each team balue wise. 1 being the most valuable card and 10 being least. This would not only help newer people in colleting football but people like me who dont know many players on other teams. Tis way when u pull cards of guys u dont really know, you will know if they are worth keeping or trading you know? Yu can either just do you team or multiple whatever! Ill start
Arizona Cardinals

1-larry fitzgerald
2-beanie wells
3-patrick peterson
4-ryan williams
5-kevin kolb
6-andre roberts
7-calais campbell
8-john skelton
9-adrian wilson
10-darryl washington
Dallas Cowboys i am assuming you mean current players

1 Tony Romo
2 Dez Bryant
3 Demarco Murray
4 Jason Witten
5 Demarcus Ware
6 Miles Austin
7 Felix Jones
8 Laurant Robinson(up and coming playmaker)
9 Sean Lee
10 Tyron Smith
Philly Eagles
1) Michael Vick
2) Lesean McCoy
3) Desean Jackson
4) Jeremy Maclin
5) Brent Celek
6) Trent Cole
7) Jason Babin
8) Nnamadi Ashumugh
9) Asante Samuels
10) Riley Cooper
1. Brady
2. Welker
3. Gronk
4. Hernandez
5. Ridley
6. Branch
7. Mayo
8. Wilfork
9. Vereen
10. Edleman

1. Andy Dalton
2. AJ Green
3. Jermaine Gresham
4. Jordan Shipley
5. Cedric Benson
6. Jerome Simpson
7. Rey Maualuga
8. Leon Hall
9. Andre Caldwell
10.Carlos Dunlap
Awesome guys keep em coming it would be great to get all teams!
Current Packers

1) Aaron Rodgers
2) Greg Jennings
3) Jordy Nelson
4) Donald Driver
5) Clay Matthews
6) Charles Woodson
7) James Starks
8) Randall Cobb
9) Jermichael Finley
10) A.J. Hawk

The last guy and the order would really be up for discussion.
1. Adrian Peterson
2. Percy Harvin
3. Jared Allen
4. Christian Ponder
5. Kyle Rudolph
6. Joe Webb
7. Kevin Williams
8. Chad Greenway
9. Toby Gerhart
10. I dont know, had to stretch after Webb to put anyone on. Winfield?
1-Red Grange
1-George "Papa Bear" Halas
3-Walter Payton
4-Gale Sayers
5-Bronco Nagurski
6-Di_k Butkus
7-Bobby Layne
8-Bulldog Turner
9-Sid Luckman
10-Mike Ditka
as you see..the bears have such a storied history i have NO young players or non HOFers here...i can hardly afford to collect more that a couple of these guys...

NOW newer/ more modern players
in no particular order..
Richard Dent
Brian Urlacher
Matt Forte
Cutler (i dont like him myself)
x-bear - Rex grossman
Johny Knox
Lance Briggs
The WHOLE D-Line at the moment
Jim McMahon
Mike Singletary
Kellen Davis
chibearsboy, can you compile a list of current Bears players? I know a few, but I have no idea of the order as far as value... Cutler, Forte, Hester, Peppers, and Urlacher.
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