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I had a problem like this....trader didn't click any stars but left positive comment. please lmk if/when this is changed
I left a good comment but my 5 star rating didn't show up for johlix. Hope it can be fixed soon. Was not left intentionally. It was a perfect trade.
Let me join the group of non star clickers.
thegreat48 and I did a trade and when I was done with the commit, I hit send and forgot to do the stars.
Can this please be fixed. His rating from me is all top of the line.
Add me to the list too. Completed trades with sconnienation3, redskins316, mpekar and bolensr and unintentionally left them all negatives. All were excellent trades and should have been 5 stars across the board.
can you please reverse my 1 star rating left to mcdee on transaction 744546 due to not receiving package over a month after trade was accepted. As I can see sender made a mistake on postal code maybe that's why it took so long to get to me. Please reverse 1 star to 5 stars rating please.


i received a negative feedback from filthy49ers, the comment stated "Fast shipping, nice card, thank you." i would like to be added to the list please.
I just made a mistake with jynkeys. Can you add him to the list? Thanks
Marking this - everyone through this point has been added to the list
Got another one tonight from wacoTX. We sure have a lot of good traders out there who dont read the sticky threads thats for sure lol.

Any word on when this will be fixed?
I accidentally got one from SDBOLTS. If you could add me to the list I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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