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I feel horrible! I accidentally forgot to put in the stars for Pork Chop :/ .. It was an awesome trade with very quick shipping. I hadn't left feedback prior and totally forgot about the stars, has this been able to be fixed yet!? It would be nice to have a screen that asks us if we want to leave negative feedback or fill in the stars..
I clicked all the stars, but was on my phone so something must have went haywire for "The Great 48", as the comments indicate it was a great trade. If that cant get switched to 5 stars on everything that would be great.
Just noticed that "my twins" also has one from zmhower2469. Adding to this list so we don't miss it.

Also ryancholden from randall44
I accidentily left negative feedback for BUCKUNTEER and GOT WATCHA WANT.

It sounds like my experience was similar to some of the others. The stars were not on the screen and I continued without checking the stars.

Both of these guys are great traders and should not have negative feedback.

Beckett-please hurry with the fix so their names can be cleared.
I accidentlly left neg. feedback for Bunk27. I was trying to send him a message, on my phone. I would be very grateful if someone could fix this. Thanks Ethan
Add me to the list. I got feedback from coachtermite on 06/07/2010. Nice comment but he forgot to fill in the stars as usual, so I got hit with a negative. He hasnt been active on the site since 07/28/2010.
I just did it to minitracer.I know better and I still made a mistake.Default should 5 stars instead of none.Please add me to the list.
I have two neg feedbacks that show positive comments. They forgot to put in the stars.
(12-23-2011 11:31 PM)floydtown Wrote: [ -> ]When you leave feedback you MUST click the stars to give a # rating from 1 lowest to 5 highest.
If you just go in and write a sentence and click submit while the STARS ARE NOT LIT UP it will leave them a ZERO or NEGATIVE.

In this screenshot notice the * next to each line (meaning REQUIRED)
Also this screen shows THE STARS NOT HIGHLIGHTED which is a 0 NEGATIVE FEEDBACK
[Image: feedbacksnap.png]

[Image: feedbacklighted.png]
If you're not sure dont leave feedback and ask for help

If you left negative feedback by mistake or were the recipient please post here so when the option to remove this feedback is available we have a list.

If you were told by a mod you're on the list dont worry about posting here

**I have asked for a warning message or note be put on the feedback screen so this stops happening

mistakenly left bobe303 negative feedback on 12/30/2011 10:42 AM
- uvaspina
didnt click the stars for mgruber2

I didn't have any stars to click on. It give a negative rating to the person I traded with muz0 and that's not fair because it was a great trade 5 stars.
hello, I just got negative feedback from a trader sky300x3 and he left the remark "Great Trade!!!" Please add me to the list of feedback corrections.
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