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I confirm the "mistake" on Melody's (FBQueens) trader rating....should be all 5 stars
Unfortunately I messed up Mgruber2's feedback on 12/31/11 by inadvertently leaving zero stars (by default) rather than the 5 stars I had intended. I wish there was a quick fix for my stupid mistake because he previously had perfect feedback. It stinks that he has to look at a "4.9" next to his name now due to my error.
floydtown - I made a trade with warcraftin (excellent trader). The trade was that I would send him a card and he would sell me one of his cards cheap from comc. The trade went fine, howsoever, when I left feedback I did not pick any stars for shipping because the card just transferred to my account on comc. I figured that picking no stars would be equivalent to N/A (not applicable). Could the shipping rating for trade 684421 be changed to 5 stars? Thank you
I had a great trade with kingkard543 and it was awsome! But i also left the stars blank by accident. He is a great guy and doesn't deserve a negative feedback. Can you fix my mistake and restore his status and give him the positive feedback he deserves? Thanks Super Moderator. Not to rush but how often do you usually fix these errors?

CEO Edit: Also noted dan_dou_lea left similar FB for reelins
Add me to the feedback negative receipt error list.
Unfortunately I made that mistake in a trade with kct1. I only wrote a commentar but forgot the stars. Please put me on the list. The trade went very fine. Should be a five star rating in all categories.
minitracer did it to me.Left good comments,but forgot the stars.They apologized,but sure would like to fix it.ID 3691405
Yea it was a mistake! I even called Beckett. Just clearing my name here!
Yes he did.He's trying to correct it.The trade was great otherwise.
add me to the list of people who have received negative feedback by accident. plz let me know if beckett ever figures out a way to rectify the problem.
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