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Full Version: 2011 press pass box
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AUTOS: Mark Ingram. Drake Nevis. Greg Salas(silver #199). Daniel Thomas(Power Pick #250) and Titus Young(blue #50!)

CAM NEWTONS: base card(#6) trophy club(#54 and #57) graduating class w/tyrod taylor(#95) banner seasons(#88) national leaders(2)(#60) power pick(#103) all base cards and clas of 2011 insert... also got kaepernick reflector 10/100 and von miller and julio jones base reflector #199 ......

thinkin about getting the press pass legends box next with the 5 autos includes 2 legends autos and jersey card per box....and any opnion on sage? seen hobby box thats includes 13 autos !
sage is viewed as a low end product but i still like them.
Sage and Press Pass are great if your looking to get autos of some of the better rookies relatively easy, If you looking to resale, probably not product you want to bust. I always have fun with them.
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