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I bought a pack of Leaf International MMA. I did better on it than the regular packs of Leaf. Does anyone know if there is an actual difference in the International or standard versions? The cards seem to be the same. The only difference I know of is it was a more limited run, but I figured there would be a difference in the cards. Here is the hit.

[Image: File.jpg]

I also busted a box of finest, and wasn't too excited about my results. The only good numbered card I pulled was a GSP Atomic and below are the hits.

[Image: scan-1.jpg]
sweet break bro, I could use the cain if you want to move it. Thanks and merry Christmas!
Thanks. I usually don't trade much of my UFC, unless it's another fighter I want or Titans/Oilers. I'll give you a look when I can and send an offer if I see anything.
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