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I picked one up for my RayRay PC. I love it but don't know much about them. Can someone explain their purpose? Why aren't they in the OPG? Any help would be great Smile
How and where do you get them from
(12-22-2011 06:53 PM)rs20 Wrote: [ -> ]How and where do you get them from

Won it off ebay. Got it today. It's real nice. Comes in a sealed case with a numbered COA from Topps!!!
I have 1. I like how they are now not like when they wer ein a graded case. They are just basically a 1/1 proof type. They are just a co exclusive.
As to why they are not in beckett no idea.
Thanks gadsden Smile
I doubt they'll ever be put in the beckett database.
A while back I missed out on the Shipley blank back... I regret it... I really wanted to own it...
I have one too. They are the proof cards Topps uses to approve the card printing. Looks like they keep one and seal it up to sell to those of us collectors who must have one of everything! LOL

They won't be in the beckett database, but that's okay...we know we have it! Wink
Thanks guys and gals. I definitely HAD to have one Big Grin

Wendy- You're right girl. We know we have one, LOL Smile
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