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Full Version: Some new pickups.
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here are my latest pickups.
1st a card i have been after for a long time always getting outbid last minuet finally won one.
#/140 (Bob (mr.264) would be proud.
[Image: odrickspx12-22-11.jpg]

Then a pickup for my all time dolphins auto PC.
Harry Galbreath died last year and was able to get this as a BIN for 3. As far as i could tell from research from TTM's he did this is real.
[Image: galbreathauto12-22-11.jpg]

Then a add to my small but always growing Cameron Wake PC.
Saw this come up and asked the guy if he would sell it to me and he added a BIN. So got it today.
Now have the Black and Cyan of this card.
[Image: wakecyan1-112-22-11.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
wow nice pickups !!!
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