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I just picked up this 2010 SPA Sign of the Times Triple AU/10 and was wondering what the BV on these would be.

Six are /10, and four are /3 from Sign of the Times Triples.

Chirography also has some Triple AU's from the set.

I just looked on ebay and saw 2 Chirography (BIN of $275 and 399) and 1 SOTT (Auction $100 - No bids)

I got mine for $45 and was really shocked when they accepted the offer within an hour. At first I didn't think it would sell for that little, but now I'm wondering if I paid too much.

Personally, I think if the 3 players are from the same team it would be more valuable. I know I wouldn't have bought this card if it had just Cadillac and then Alabama or Notre Dame players.

[Image: scan0173-1-2.jpg]

[Image: scan0173-1-2-1-1.jpg]

As a reference, I bought this a week earlier for the exact same price($45). It's Brown's Rookie Year and has BO

[Image: scan0204-2-1.jpg]
Both of those are sweet, Lee! I don't think you overpaid at all!
I think that was a good price. Sweet addition!
I think you done well Lee!!
Thanks all, I'm happy with what I paid, considering last year I bought a Bo Jackson Exquisite booklet auto/20 with a smudged autograph for $120. Cards just aren't selling for what they use to, even a year ago. But that's good for buyers, luckily I'm not much of a seller.

But what BV would you put on the Triple/10 ?
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