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I know for standard cards beckett recommends card saver 1 so thats what i will do for the standard ones but what about thicker cards. I even have some 160 and 180pt cards so what should i send those in? I know they say not so send in top loaders because they can still move around even if in a penny sleeve but they also say the prefer that you not send them in snap holders which i assume also applies to the ultra pro one touch to though maybe it doesn't since those open easier then the snap ones. Anybody have any experience sending in thicker cards or just knows which one to use please let me know.
I just sent some thicker cards in top loaders. I can vouche they didn't get damaged. All of the flaws where on the cards already.
anybody ever send thicker cards in card saver 1? it does open a lot so maybe its ok? or do you guys think one touches would be better?
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