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After not doing anything for a very long time , I have finally finished up another football custom of Chris Massey. He was the long snapper for the Rams but released due to his large salary this year but the Chicago Bears picked him up. His wife asked me about 2 weeks ago if I could do one for him in his Bears outfit for a Christmas gift. So before I could think I said sure and then realized I have not done or completed anything for a very long time! Well I am glad to say I did finish up something and here it is. All comments welcomed.


Chris and my son at his football practice

[Image: 7_708384.jpg]

and with Brody at Rams traing camp 2010
[Image: P8010206.jpg]

[Image: PC220577.jpg]

[Image: PC220590.jpg]

[Image: PC220587.jpg]

[Image: PC220583.jpg]

[Image: PC220581.jpg]

[Image: PC220578.jpg]

[Image: PC220577.jpg]
Gorgeous work!
That is a beautiful piece of art!
Awesome!! Absolutely beautiful work!!
Wow....absolute unbelievable talent....must have a very steady hand
That is amazing!!
Very nice!
very cool
you are very talented!! U could probably make a killing, making those of regular people or their kids. Ive got a nephew that would love to have one made of him in his pop warner uni! Have you ever thought of doing that?
Thats awesme
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