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Gonna take a very well deserved vacation starting tomorrow evening. As such I probably won't be too active on here if at all. I will have my phone so I may pop in a time or two. That is not the point of this thread though. The point of this thread is to let everyone that I have dealings going on with that I have made it to the P.O. and all packages should be en route.

The more important point of this post is however....

To wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. I am blessed to be able to travel home to see family and friends this year. I spend a fair amount of my time here on the Beckett message boards and would consider many of you to be friends as well, so peace and love to all of my friends. I hope that your Christmas is a blessed one. Smile
You to bud...enjoy your vacation....(0:
enjoy, congrats and happy holidays to you as well.
Enjoy your time at home Kenny and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Merry christmas Kenny! Have a great time with your family and have fun. And also I wish you safe travels!
Have a Merry Christmas and an awesome vacation!
Merry Christmas Kenny! Have a safe trip & enjoy the time with your friends & family!

Hope to see you back soon! Take care & God Bless!
Merry Christmas! Be safe and enjoy it!
happy holidays to you and yours bud
Big Grin Thanks y'all I'll hurry on back. You can bleeee dat.
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