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Overall I am happy and ok with the grades. I got these graded and slabbed for my PC and not for resale or trade. The cool thing is I actually pulled the Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith rookie cards when I was 9 and 10 years old. I had them stored at my mother's house for years until she reminded me I had them. are the cards from oldest to newest.

[Image: TroyAikman.jpg]

[Image: EmmittSmith.jpg]

[Image: TonyRomo.jpg]

[Image: JasonWitten.jpg]

[Image: DeMarcusWare.jpg]

[Image: MilesAustin.jpg]

[Image: MikeJenkins.jpg]

[Image: TashardChoice.jpg]

[Image: FelixJones.jpg]

[Image: KevinOgletree.jpg]

[Image: JohnPhillips.jpg]

[Image: DezBryantWhite.jpg]

[Image: DezBryantBlue.jpg]

[Image: SeanLee.jpg]

Here is my Felix Jones Nameplate:

[Image: GradedFelixJonesThreads.jpg]

I am still waiting on my DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant nameplates.
Then I am going to send in my Tashard Choice and Stephen McGee. Finally I will send in my Isiah Stanback and Mike Jenkins.
I love to see some graded cards! Nice nameplate with 9's as bookends!
Nice.....even if the grades aren't the highest, they will be protected from the
Good looking group of cards. Congrats on grades. Love the Witten.
wow... nice BGS haul!!!
It would be cool if they would have slab the nameplate together
Nice! to bad they beat you up on the Aikman centering. I would have given that a 7.5 or 8 ,LOL
Very nice!
Thanks guys. I am very tempted in sending in the rest of my PC (70 cards) for the December grading special.
(12-21-2011 11:05 PM)gangstippie Wrote: [ -> ]I love to see some graded cards! Nice nameplate with 9's as bookends!


A very nice Cowboys collection. Do you have or are you considering getting a Johnston, Irvin, Harper, Novacek, and/or Woodson for the graded collection?
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