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Was doing some Christmas shopping across the street from the LCS. I said I wasn't going to buy anything until after vacation but I grabbed 2 boxes of Bowman Sterling anyways. Here is what i hit

RCs = Aaron Williams, Niles Paul, Denarious Moore.
[Image: 11bowmansterlingadrianclaybornrc.jpg]

[Image: 11bowmansterlingvereenswatch.jpg]
[Image: 11bowmansterlingmikelswatch.jpg]
[Image: 11bowmansterlingjamieharperswatch.jpg]

Pretty sure I have pulled Mikel and Jamie out of just about every product this year. Always back to back. These guys plague me!!!!!

[Image: 11bowmansterlinghaynesworthswatcg.jpg]

[Image: 11bowmansterlingdarvindadamsauto.jpg]

[Image: 11bowmansterlingtituspatchauto.jpg]

I like the Titus. Too bad it probably books at $15.

Overall not great. Not terrible either.
Interested in the Clayborn
Interested in the Niles Paul RC.
Sorry none are for trade or for freebies right now. Getting ready to go on vacation. Will probably do a fair amount of trading when I get back though. Don't worry neither of them are going anywhere!

Thanks for the looks and the comments.
Nice clayborn
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