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Full Version: 2011 Press Pass
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I thought I would try these out.. Not too bad for the price..

[Image: scan0010.jpg]
[Image: scan0011.jpg]
[Image: scan0013.jpg]
[Image: scan0012.jpg]

[Image: scan0008.jpg]
[Image: scan0006.jpg]
[Image: scan0007.jpg]
[Image: scan0009.jpg]
Thomas 041/299
Locke 093/100
Murray/Hunter 272/299
Locker 21/50
[Image: scan0005.jpg]
Salas 32/99
Royster 099/199
Nevis 007/199

Got 3 more boxes coming hope I can get some really good Autos...
check me for the demarco murrays please
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