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Full Version: New Cards Listed
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Hey all. Just listed some new cards in my org. I'm fairly new to this so I just wanted to get the word out and show that I have them listed. Both basketball and baseball. I'd like to get all baseball for any trades.

Thanks for looking, and if I did anything wrong, don't hesitate to tell me and I'll work on fixing it! Thanks!
offer sent
Check my organize for your Bonds gu's-Thanks.
I took a look and didn't see any Griffey cards. If you have those add em in. I can probably help you out w/ some of my Sosa's and I have 1 Michael Jordan card
i have tons of sosa, check me
(12-21-2011 09:47 PM)captdolo Wrote: [ -> ]i have tons of sosa, check me

just sent you an open offer for a castro you had actually!
check me for any cards of players in my sig
just uploaded a bunch more auto/game used cards for trade. take a look!
I've got some Sosa's and a little of Castros
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