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(12-21-2011 10:33 PM)rogue655 Wrote: [ -> ]Absolutely, and I think I have your addy. want me to add you to the list?

Why does Snoop carry an umbrella?

Fo drizzle.

Yeah I'm in. Big Grin I will be away for the next 2 weeks though. So I won't be able to pay it forward until I get back.
@ Travis. Thanks for the heads up. I'm not too worried about it right now. Life before cards.
Room for one more? I'd like to participate if I can!
(12-21-2011 10:57 PM)TRAVISTURNER Wrote: [ -> ]Love this idea, and I'd love to get in but 1) I don't meet the 6 month requirement and 2) things are so crazy both at home and work lately that I have had some major shipping delays (sorry Kenny and lump I still have a few things marked for you...) so it's probably good that I'm ineligible this go round, :/ hopefully next time. I am really happy to have found this little community and want to be a permanent member here. Will monitor just for viewing pleasure. Smile and I have a nice little package building for one of the members on the list as it is anyways, so I'll unofficially pay it forward anyway lol. Thanks to the guys setting it all up!

No worries bro handle your business I'm not going anywhere, no one else would take me if I did want to go somewhere else
when I get off work this evening we'll get everything started. uwash, youre in.
Everyone on the list, post what you're interested in if you haven't already.

If no one volunteers to be the first sender I will mix the names up and draw at random.

I figure that because it's the holiday season that people may be strapped for cash at the moment. (I know I am) so who ever ends up being the first to send, don't feel like you have to rush, just pick things up when you're able.
I collect Stevan Ridley Drew Brees and Mark Ingram also multi color patch and autos of all good to great RBs and QBs
from Brady to Flacco OBs
Payton To Best RBs
I collect recent Buccaneer Rookies (Benn, Freeman, Williams, Bowers, Mccoy, and Stocker), Lee Roy Selmon, and Former Gator Players in Gator uniform.

I will be happy with any old Bucs card too (sapp, barber, brooks...etc.)
I collect New England Patriots, especially but not limited to Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Shane Vereen, Rob Gronkowski, Stevan Ridley and Oddball is Tiki Barber and Barry Sanders
Mine is in my this years rookie class....
Bears....Garrett Wolfe,Rex Grossman,any Bears LB's or HOFer....Patches
2011 certified Fotg Team Prime set
2007 Elite Status gold set
Oddball - Warren Moon, older diecut cards
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