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(10-12-2012 09:21 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah its been 2 months lol

(10-12-2012 09:23 PM)xXWhoDaTXx Wrote: [ -> ]I would like to do something like this, just don't have a lot of high end or even really mid end... but I would love to if at all possible!

Doesn't have to be highend.....a jsy card even lower is appreciated by most collectors....the lower end is usually harder to get than the mid-high stuff...I was sending team sets out and then some higher stuff and it felt great either way...Smile
(10-12-2012 09:35 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Just do it randomly Smile I recently started sending stuff out just for the hell of it and its actually a great feeling Big Grin

Yaknow, I kinda wanna restart this. Bump for a fresh start!?
(10-12-2012 11:09 PM)xXWhoDaTXx Wrote: [ -> ]Yaknow, I kinda wanna restart this. Bump for a fresh start!?

Just do
And off I go to create a new thread. Anyone want in just post on the thread. Big Grin
No not dead yet, just napping. Sorry about that. I started gathering stuff a while ago but then went out of town for 10 days and it just fell off. Didn't realize it had been so long, but 2 months is pretty uncool... Anyway I should be able to get it out next week some time. Sorry to keep everyone waiting!
The package has been sent! DC 9405509699939212340768.
Woo hoo!!
It lives!!!!
I GOT IT!!! And O boy it's a good one from UWash

I will be posting pictures in a few...

Thanks Bud
Here's what's in the box

[Image: 032005AD-2AE9-4CC8-B3C0-B8CA9E8D20CC-967...F5924D.jpg]
[Image: E0BDFF6E-534D-4944-BEA3-C34C03C371D4-967...7AFB4F.jpg]

1st lot

[Image: F9995D25-D780-4520-B5DF-693E8813EF43-967...799C74.jpg]
David Carr Lot
R & S GU 180/199
Pristine 36/99
Tools of the Trade 16/50

2nd lot

[Image: 887468EA-E60A-4637-8042-D265CA0E7B5A-967...B69E95.jpg]
R & S 2-Clr Patch 28/100

3rd lot **NASTY**

[Image: E99A7FC7-6AA4-4D1C-832A-6B22EF1343B1-967...4C9B22.jpg]
Five Star On-Card Auto 46/190
TTT 73/90

4th lot

[Image: 6397B815-33D2-4CAA-926B-8888143EA027-967...B8DFE7.jpg]
Threads Auto 20/25

5th lot
I was stunned when I opened this one

[Image: 8A18C208-EC08-460E-9232-8E9092F49B36-967...80C88D.jpg]
Exquisite On-Card Auto 6/15

6th lot
Some more nastiness

[Image: 09214BAC-6536-41AE-B02B-2E1D2E16AAF0-967...58A42A.jpg]
SS auto 18/25

7th lot
I was in complete shock... I stared at this card in awe... flip it front to back in complete awe... and there was still more

[Image: 405291AB-D94F-4976-9F6D-FE1337AD47A4-967...54718E.jpg]
[Image: 9D3C3934-6F4D-48B6-B9B4-FFB402FA6082-967...59AFC2.jpg]
a bunch of 90's cards and inserts
1995 Classic Pro Line Auto 358/500

8th lot
Nice final lot....

[Image: 89FF342D-190A-4F7C-AA32-D2C28A195368-967...70DF26.jpg]
[Image: 84352D1C-ED3A-49F9-BB74-7486A9674DC7-967...0F31CA.jpg]
Prime Inserts
Chrome Refractor
Sterling RC GU
Threads 3-Clr Patch 30/99
Certified RPA 25/25

Thanks UWash.... Awesome package and i will now pay it forward
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