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Havent seen either of them in awhile myself.
Its ok, got it all taken care of and is en route, should be there relatively soon (tomorrow or Thurs) Smile
So I am the lucky recipient of the latest package, but the best part about it was that it was hand delivered by Mr. Fastiggi himself! He PM'd me the other day saying he was going to be in San Diego for a few days and wanted to know if I was free to get together for a bit. Part of me was wondering if he would be bringing something with him and sure enough he did! Had a good time chatting for a few hours and showing off some of my hoard until my 7-month-old decided the party was over, haha. Anyway, here are the goodies. I didn't take a picture of how they were packaged but there were instructions (both written and verbal) to open the mini-packages in a specific order.

So first there was a few Packer cards:

[Image: 3ea7c523.jpg]

Like everyone else it seems I have a thing for 90s inserts. Which is good because that comprises a large amount of my hoard, LOL. But I think I definitely need more Reggie.

Second, there was this amazing piece:

[Image: b4861d58.jpg]

Gem Mint Favre RC are you serious? Thanks, brother. As I told Matt, I think I caught a bit of the grading bug with Wendy's group submission and that I thought I would try to get all of Favre's true RCs (at least) graded 9.5 or better. Well, cross the best one off the list!

Then there was something bigger. I immediately thought mini-helmet but didn't really know who it would be. Favre? Some other Packer? Not quite:

[Image: 134f727f.jpg]

Nice Locker UW mini!! I have quite the hoard of his stuff too but haven't really shared it on here much. Didn't have an auto'd mini yet though.

And of course there was the meet & greet, which was also great. I'm sure we'll meet up some more in the future when I head north! Thanks so much for the goodies, Matt! The more I think about them the more amazed I am at the 9.5 and the mini - clearly some thought went into it. Time for me to pay it forward to the next victim. I'll figure out who that is in the next few days and send an update.

Thanks again!
Sweet package, looking forward to meeting members from here myself in real life.
Very nice package!
Dead in the water again?
Think so...its a shame too...I'm always quick to send and not to shortly after it fizzles ...
Yeah its been 2 months lol
I would like to do something like this, just don't have a lot of high end or even really mid end... but I would love to if at all possible!
Just do it randomly Smile I recently started sending stuff out just for the hell of it and its actually a great feeling Big Grin
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