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some of this will be really easy to get and some will be very difficult but i will no problem trading any of them for the right card/cards. i'm not looking for anything specific right now so just send an open offer for what you want. there is a lot more in my org. thanks
[Image: Scan-40.jpg][Image: Scan-41.jpg][Image: Scan-42.jpg][Image: Scan-43.jpg][Image: Scan-44.jpg][Image: Scan-45.jpg][Image: Scan-46.jpg][Image: Scan-47.jpg][Image: Scan-48.jpg][Image: Scan-51.jpg]
check me for the john jay and jason motte auto
offer sent. most are not listed in your org
i'm adding them right now.
(12-19-2011 06:04 PM)mgruber2 Wrote: [ -> ]offer sent. most are not listed in your org
if you can find enough send it back to me. you have more i like. thanks

(12-19-2011 06:06 PM)lecreccio Wrote: [ -> ]i'm adding them right now.
Would love a chance at the Jay / Motte Autos. Lemme know.
Sent an open offer, thanks.
Interested in the Nolan Ryan auto, as well as Grady Sizemore, Adrian Gonzalez and Buster Posey. Cheers.
check me for the votto ttt
Offer Sent
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