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Looking for the wants in my signature...
[Image: sterlingwrightoneofone2010.jpg]
Unsure of the trade value on this one,there's not many completed
auctions on Wright 1/1's.
[Image: ichirofront.jpg]
[Image: ichiroback.jpg]
Looking for a little less than full BV on this one due to the chipping...
[Image: jasonbayspauto.jpg]
[Image: boggsmattinglygoldreflecgu.jpg]
[Image: FTMiggyToppsSterlingSixGU.jpg]

Two trades down looking to mail some more Monday.
Off to bed for now I'll check for offers in the AM.
Thanks, Scott
I really want the wright but it is not in your org. Ft. Can you please lmk what you are looking for ? I will pull out of my pc to get it. Thanks
I sent you an offer.
Open offer sent. Thanks and PLMK!

offer sent
Wright now added to org...sorry.
All offers and pm's responded to,thanks all.
On the Ichiro,yes it has some chipping /flecking issues.
I'm looking for about 300-350 in trade on it.
open offer sent
I was looking at the conditional grading I sent you a better offer.
Trade sent
Offer sent. Thanks!
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