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Full Version: Apologies
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Hi. Just wanted to take a minute to apologize to all of those that sent trade offers the last couple of months, especially akbobcat, buckles2335, and gimmegriffey.

Had a couple of things come up and I needed to take an abrupt break from cards for a while. With my 2nd child in 15 months coming, I had to pack up my "card room" to make way for baby furniture.

So once again, apologies to everyone that wanted to trade with me the last couple of months. I didn't rip anyone off, but feel like I did a poor job communicating. I had no idea that many people were interested in my stuff. Now as I'm getting ready to make a few trades again, I hope I didn't upset or scare anyone off.

Thanks for listening,


Family comes first and that makes you ok with me.
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