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Hey all,

I sent in 43 Cardinals cards to be graded and they just popped! Some of the cards I thought would grade higher, but overall I am very happy with the results, especially my run of 1962s. I will post scans in my pick-up thread when they arrive. Here they are with some of my comments:

1960 Topps 160 RIVAL ALL STARS SGC 70 (would like this higher, but I can always upgrade)
1960 Topps 73 BOB GIBSON SGC 60 (I thought this would get a 80 or 84; must of missed something)
1960 Topps 73 BOB GIBSON SGC 50 (Extra card I had; will sell)
1960 Topps 485 KEN BOYER SGC 80
1960 Topps 250 STAN MUSIAL SGC 40 (Extra card I had; will sell)
1960 Topps 16 ERNIE BROGLIO SGC 84
1960 Topps 275 CURT FLOOD SGC 84
1961 Topps 211 BOB GIBSON SGC 60 (Extra card I had; will sell)
1961 Topps 211 BOB GIBSON SGC 84 Smile
1961 Topps 290 STAN MUSIAL SGC 84 Smile
1961 Topps 573 KEN BOYER All-Star High# SGC 50 (will upgrade soon)
1961 Topps 375 KEN BOYER SGC 50 (will upgrade soon; must of missed something)
1961 Topps 11 CURT SIMMONS SGC 86
1961 Topps 32 RAY SADECKI SGC 88
1962 Topps 575 RED SCHOENDIENST High# SP SGC 88 Smile
1962 Topps 83 LARRY JACKSON SGC 84
1962 Topps 223 ALEX GRAMMAS SGC 86
1962 Topps 14 BILL WHITE SGC 86
1962 Topps 106 CARL SAWATSKI SGC 92
1962 Topps 507 ERNIE BROGLIO SGC 86
1962 Topps 392 KEN BOYER All-Star SGC 88
1962 Topps 317 MUSIAL PLAYS 21ST SEASON SGC 70
1962 Topps 370 KEN BOYER SGC 70
1963 Fleer 60 KEN BOYER SGC 70
1963 Topps 1 N.L. BATTING LEADERS SGC 80
1964 Topps 160 KEN BOYER SGC 84
1964 Topps Stand-Up KEN BOYER SGC 20 (I thought I marked this to Authenticate only; It had pen marks and such)
1964 Topps 11 N.L. R.B.I. LEADERS SGC 60
1964 Topps 11 N.L. R.B.I. LEADERS SGC A (Not sure what's going on here; it was a pick-up at a card show. probably trimmed)
1965 Topps 100 KEN BOYER SGC 80 (will upgrade soon)
1965 Topps 320 BOB GIBSON SGC 60 (ditto)
1965 Topps 540 LOU BROCK High# SP SGC 80 (thought was at least 84)
1965 Topps 135 WORLD SERIES GM #4 SGC 70
1966 Topps 60 CURT FLOOD SGC 84
1967 Topps 45 ROGER MARIS SGC 40 (I had this card as a child; slabbed it for protection)
1968 Topps 408 STEVE CARLTON SGC 84 Smile
1968 Topps 520 LOU BROCK SGC 88 Smile
1968 Topps 378 BOB GIBSON All-Star SGC 88 Smile
1969 Topps 432 BOB GIBSON All-Star SGC 80
1969 Topps 497 JULIAN JAVIER SGC 70
1969 Topps 588 BILL WHITE SGC 84
Great job, hendu. Hoping I can get around to sending some of mine in someday. I bet they look amazing in the SGC slabs.
Nice grades on those 62s. Definitely not the easiest set in the world to grade well!
Can't wait to see them.
If you dont mind me asking what kind of rate did you get? Im looking to send some stuff to them
(12-23-2011 10:14 PM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]If you dont mind me asking what kind of rate did you get? Im looking to send some stuff to them

What does grades popped mean?
Chads-cards - I sent them in through their 50s/60s 10-day turnaround for $5 each. They have monthly specials that I usually take advantage of. The specials usually change every month. You can see them at their web site.

Sparty78 - Right after they grade the cards and just before they ship them, you can see the grades through their web site. There is way to check your submission and know what they are before you actually receive them. The word "popped" is what collectors use when they find out their grades.

Hope that helps. Merry Christmas!

Nothing like a bunch of HOFer's slabbed for protection. Do you plan on keeping or selling in the near future? Great cards by the waySmile
Please post them when they arrive, would love to check um out.
No, most of them will be in the PC... The lesser grades will be sold once I upgrade. The highlights of the submission can be found here:
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