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Here is mine, only $3000, what a deal!!!Wink

Jordan Shipley game used helmet from his 2010 rookie season...

[Image: 27be4eb5.jpg]

[Image: 84d77c36.jpg]

[Image: b03fd4c8.jpg]

[Image: d6580fca.jpg]
Mine would be a Full Size Autographed Walter Payton Bears Helmet, Payton Autograph Jersey, & Auto'd NFL Football. I have a couple Autos of his but none of the aforementioned items.
MIne would probably be Drew Bree's very own autographed Jersey Or helmet from superbowl XLIV
stallworth tennessee game used jersey
Andy Dalton game used, signed jersey.
A game used Jock strap from every player in the NFL.....Lmao...jk...there is just so much it would be impossible to narrow it down...but probably a Bo Jackson rookie season game used auto'd Jersey...just some cool stuff like
Here is mine, only $3995.00 but it comes with free shipping! What a steal.
Only 22 produced and signed by Emmitt Smith

[Image: BmwZgQBWkKGrHqEOKkUEtkdQF3EoBLgwrdqLw_12.jpg]
[Image: BmwcgQ2kKGrHqIOKjoEtkgF1CNBBLgwrooyRQ_12.jpg]
My "Holy Grail" sports iteam would be John Elways Super Bowl 32 jersey when he beat the Packers. Signed would be fine, but the jersey he was wearing during his helicopter dive.
See bottom left Elway....that jersey!!
I would love to have a Oronde Gadsden GU'd jersey from the Dolphins. Almost had one and know they guy who owns it some day i will get it from him.
heck man i dont even know really, just whatever i cant get my hands on mostly. To me just having a auto card is a huge thing as i never had em like this growing up. But ya a dream type thing would have to be just hanging out with the guys on the practice field for a day down there on the sidelines shooting the bull, you know whatever.
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