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Part1 -

[Image: bs99elitepromof_zps8a100dd4.jpg]

looking for
Ex-Raiders Auto - Desmond Howard, C.Woodson, C.Garner(2003 Honors), K.Collins(2005 Donruss GG), R.Moss(2007 Artifacts), A.Brooks, N.Asomugha, R.Woodson(2008 SP) and Ray Guy

[Image: 2010topps01.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps02.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps03.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps04.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps05.jpg]

[Image: 2010topps06.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps07.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps08.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps09.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps10.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps11.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps12.jpg]
[Image: 2010topps13.jpg]

Offer Sent! Let me know If I have anything you need. Thanks
Ummmmmmmmm, okay think I just had a heart attack with this post.

I've got these two raiders

Jim Plunkett TTT Gu 4/36

R. Seymour TTT Gu 6/27

And I'm interested in soo many things.

But... I was wondering if you'd trade one of your low numbered Packers (Hornung 1/1, or the Hornung/Favre/Kramer redemp) for this

Mallet/Ridley/Vereen TTT 1of1
im interested in a lot of your is what i got to offer...please let me know if you are interested in anything...thanks

[Image: 2011-11-11_20-00-00_883.jpg]
numbered to 15

[Image: 2011-11-07_19-40-41_339.jpg]
Can you check me for the Mike Wallaces?
wow!!! a TON of goodies... no Shipley??? I like the Jordy Nelson for sure...
the greatest break ever.....
Well, I doubt I have anything you want but I am interested in the following:
jonathan stewart exquisite dual patch, hakeem nicks donruss threads relic auto, lesean mccoy gridiron gear relic, and the other Hakeem Nicks auto. thanks!
interested in any or all of the following:
John Parker Wilson Auto
JPW/G Coffee College Ties
G. Coffee Rookie Materials
G. Coffee Lustrous Rookie Sigs
Rashad Johnson
G. Coffee Exquisite GU/Auto
G. Coffee National Treasures GU
Joe Namath National Treasures GU

Check my org.
interested in the Exquisite Romo dual Patch
and possibly interested in the Nat. Treasures Percey Harvin patch auto .
PM me if available with what your interested in or looking to get for them
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