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No, I didn't strike it rich with like 5 RNH cards from a single pack haha. Instead I got 7 cards that had blank backs. Out of the 7, the Dustin Byfuglien was the only one that didn't have the name printed on back and was the only one than had the text on reverse show up a little better. Oh the oddity we all call Upper Deck.

[Image: blankback001.jpg]
Thats messed up right there
That's actually pretty cool. I'm betting player collectors would be interested in those, as they're pretty unique error cards. Upper Deck might send you another pack to replace it, but honestly, it would be cooler to have the errors, they'd be worth more than another pack full of base cards.
I would love the Byfuglien if your moving it
that is diff an error by UD

contact them if you want to replace them, but some player collectors will want them
Yea, I posted them on UD's facebook page just to see what they say. I didn't really care about it since it was just a few base cards. UD just said it was a printing error and that some collectors might like the differences. I'm not worried about replacing them since they are just kinda unique.

theo60collector: if you want the Byfuglien, just PM me your address and you can have it.

As for the others, the only one I plan on keeping is the card of if anyone wants em just drop me a line. However, I would rather give them to whoever actually collects the specific team/player, so please don't ask for them just to get em.
Those are definately pretty cool......I got a boat load of miscuts.....nothing really to speak of though...those are much cooler....wish you would have pulled some Pens like that.

That is pretty awesome of you to giove them to those player collectors....very unique add to the Player PC! Thats what this hobby is all about!
I'm glad I at least got one Blues guy like that...I just wish Oshie would have been in S1 and I would have gotten one like that of him haha. Hard telling how often mis-printed cards like that get put into packs, so I might as well offer them to whoever collects those guys.
I got 2 Pascal Dupuis cards from UD series 1 and both of them contain the stats of Malkin. Weird. If you check Dupuis you should see if they have the same thing.
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