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After going shopping for the girlfriend for christmas; I figured it was only fair I buy myself something.

Upper Deck Tin

Oversized - Varlomov
Hockey Heroes - Gump Worsley
Ultimate Team - Hank Sedin, Mark Streit
All-World Team - Tim Thomas
Canvas - Matt Read YG, Ryan Miller
YG - Matt Read (2nd one pulled in 3 tins), Zibanejad (2nd pulled in 3 tins), Maxime Macenauer (been very lucky pulling Ducks)


Absolutely nothing but one card that isn't valued at much but it a very nice card regardless
[Image: Neely.jpg]
I'd actually be interested in the Neely, I don't have the retail version yet. Let me know!
Do you have any Ducks stuff?
Yup, probably 25-30 cards in my org. Couple Getzlaf jerseys, not sure exactly, but there are some in there, and you can check the Ducks tag in my photobucket for any pics I might have.
very nice cards congrats
not bad
I could use the Read Canvas YG....any particular Ducks you're looking for, or all of them?
Im a big Fowler fan, but always looking for current Ducks autos/RCs/Mem cards
Hey noonan77, I've got a trade offer for ya. It's been on the table for a while, not sure if it was lost in the beckett switch over. take a look, let me know if i have anything you can use. I really could use that card for my PC>
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