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I am looking for a few Tier One autos, some bdpp chrome, bow. chrome, and anyone in my sig.
And any Finest (or any) Noesi and Nunez
~sorry RASCRUSH didnt see anything,lol

[Image: Image220.jpg]
[Image: Image221.jpg]
[Image: Image222.jpg]
[Image: Image223.jpg]
[Image: Image224.jpg]
[Image: Image225.jpg]
[Image: Image226.jpg]
Do you still have the Griffey Auto I would be intersted in that. I have a few high dollar Jeter cards I would trade for it.
is the lindor/lopes a black ref
Like that griffey. Still have the heyward if interested
I am interested in the Griffey and Butler as well.
Went to send you an offer but there was no Griffey in your org.
check me for the griffey
Griffey is still available. I thought it was in there, I will adjust when I get home. On cell right now
(12-14-2011 07:32 PM)808love Wrote: [ -> ]is the lindor/lopes a black ref

Yes it is #'ed to 25 I think
also like the Griffey
Check me for the griffey also, will trade in your favor if you find anything
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