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Anyone interested?
Giv 'er.
Good Luck!
bring me your Red Wings lol good luck bro!
Three replies is plenty for me, let's do it up!!!

Two packs at a time, and the oversized header is... Mike Knuble of the Washington Capitals.
Pack one: base. Great start, haha!

Pack two: UD Canvas #C10, Nathan Horton. Already got this one, so it'll be going into the org.
Pack three: EA Ultimate Team EA4, Henrik Sedin

Pack four: Young Guns #233 Stephane Da Costa
No boom in pack five, it's another all base, haha.

Pack six: Boom-ish, as I pulled another Vincent Lecavalier Game Jersey. This one's white.
half of tin only one YG so far, two to go...
Pack seven: Hockey Heroes HH9, Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe

Pack eight: All-World Team AW29 Shea Weber.
Pack nine: Young Guns #236 Erik Gustafsson, there's two, hopefully I end up with another, but I may not because of the jersey. We'll see!

Pack ten: UD Canvas #C81, Daniel Sedin
Pack eleven: base. Ugh.

Pack twelve didn't just happen. Unbelievable! My third copy of Young Guns #214. Woohoo! Not feeling so bad about that last base pack now, haha. Killer box for $30, made much sweeter by the fact that $20 of that came from a gift card that I forgot I even had! Thanks for watching guys, it was probably one of the best retail breaks I've had in a while!
congrats on da nuge!
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