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Looking to get a cool Cardinals / Berkman card.

Cool patch cards intrigue me as well.

Lets see what you got.

[Image: Koufax.jpg]

If i cant make a good trade for it, ill just let it go on ebay.

Thanks for looking.
still interested in the cain and the agon?
(12-14-2011 04:53 PM)808love Wrote: [ -> ]still interested in the cain and the agon?

Not really, looking for a player that i like.
alright if you would like to trade...i would love to have this card...been looking to trade for one for a while
Please check me! Have a few AUs in there, will trade multiple towards it. Thanks!
Would love to get a musial or gibson gu/auto card for it.
If you like berkman I have a triple auto with oswalt and biggio.
PM sent
check me for it, thanks
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