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Found these in my closet. Tin lid has some dents, but cards appear to have no damage. no nicks/dings/dents. Cards are still in plastic wrap. 5 of them.
Cards 1,2,3,4,5

Looking for hockey cards but i'll take baseball/football as trade bait. Do not know if anybody wants these to finish a set or what not. PM ME or post on here. I'll sell them if needed cause i really do not want them. Just sitting there.

[Image: DSC03797.jpg]
*bump* i guess. well. nobody wants these. poor me.
Thing is, its a 20 card set and most people who would want these would prolly want the whole set not just the first 5.
I have no knowledge of this set, I didn't know you could buy the complete set. Thought maybe somebody had half the set, like I do, and needed fillers.
After a little checking around I found out that you actually have a "full" set of the 5 card version.

"This set was produced in conjunction with Upper Deck. Card fronts show photos of Rusty in every aspect of race-day action. Cards are embossed in sturdy, durable metal with card edges rolled for extra durability and safety. Full-color card backs feature an additional photo, commentary and selected race results. The 20-card set comes in a specifically designed embossed collector's tin with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity. There were 12,500 sets produced. There is also a five card version of this set in a tin box."

So you may find someone who would like it... I wish I knew someone who could use them, Id get them from ya.
Ill check around and see if I can find somebody who needs them.
Thank you very much for the information Smile I don't collect NASCAR so i figured i'd throw it out there. I hate when i cant finish up sets.
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