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Full Version: HEY GUYS!!!
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Just stopping in to say hi and seeing what's up with everyone! Been real busy and running myself crazy but it's all been fun! Hope everyone is still collecting their good stuff and hanging on to those Berrys for me :DDD

P.S. I've got a few new Berrys and some other stuff here and there but just haven't scanned and added them yet.

And Panini sent me another Initial Steps autograph redemption of Dez Bryant from Limited this past week that I redeemed months and months ago when I was still on here every week. I traded the first one but now it's like I never even traded it because they sent me another one!!! lol Has this happened with anyone else? What should I do, if anything?
Send it over to me as a freebie for a Christmas gift. Yeah, that sounds like a FINE idea! Smile
wow thats perdy cool, lucky devil!
I think Ricky Williams 34 is doing that set. She may need the Dez Auto.
Nevermind she has Dez already!!!
I'd say! I thought it was pretty sweet as I haven't received any redemptions in awhile. Still have two out there and hoping to hear back from UD and Panini about them soon.
hold it for ransom until you get whats owed Smile
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