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Ok here is the card:

I decided to pass on it as Im unsure what the story is behind the auto.

My new question:

This card was issued in 2004. Pennington hurt his shoulder in 2003 and 2004 I believe. Any chance he signed this card with his left hand? Or maybe signed it with his right hand while being in a cast? I may be way off but is it possible???

Im just stumped on this. Also there are only 3 cards in the set according to Beckett's database:

Anquan Boldin
Byron Leftwich
Chad Pennington

If the company placed the wrong auto into Pennington's card then who's auto is it???

Which brings me to the contest:

If you can prove its C Penn's auto or can show me who's auto it is I will send you a care package for being a good detective lol.
i know who's it is

already sent a pm but heres a completed listing.

and as you can see, he signed the white stickers for fleer in 2004
Nice job man! Did you recognize the auto or just get lucky?
Nicely done Rogue!
i searched for other 2004 fleer autos on the bay to try to find more of the white stickers and just sifted through the pages
Seems like common sense in hindsight lol.

PM Sent buddy!
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