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Full Version: Wanna trade BB for FB
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Mostly looking for football. Brady & other star AUs.

Have these FT:
2008 Contenders Posey AU
2010 Finest Moments Ryan Howard AU
2010 Chicle Drew Stubbs AU
2011 Topps Cliff Lee AU
2011 Finest Freddie Freeman AU

Would also trade all 5 toward a Koufax or Aaron AU

Pics in bucket.
i dont see howard listed
Sent an offer, it's the only football auto I have
elberson- will add the Howard
pete- gotta look to see if I still have the Manny

Anyone else?
Check me for the Posey and the Freeman please
I did add more football. No autos or gu though. Some inserts.
check me for the stubbs and the brady
mgruber- didn't see anything
rascrush- didn't see anything

Anyone else?
I have some vintage Cowboys stuff, Pearson RC and others. I also have a few other autos but nothing huge. I do have a Mark Duper auto and another old timer. They are booking around $50. Let me know if you wanna try something. I am all about baseball only.
dbroockerd- nothing I could use. Thanks though!
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