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easy e posted a thread about Gronk and people started posting their pc's. Well, some of us have had Gronkitis for a year now, and some are just getting diagnosed. I've seen one PC that is insane! I can't remember who it was. Here's what I have.

[Image: rgronk.jpg][Image: sterlingauto.jpg][Image: gronk.jpg][Image: gronk50.jpg][Image: cert.jpg][Image: gronk2.jpg][Image: gronkcerti.jpg][Image: crown.jpg][Image: crown-1.jpg][Image: gronk1.jpg][Image: gronk2-1.jpg][Image: gronkowski.jpg][Image: gronk9.jpg][Image: gronk3.jpg][Image: kow.jpg][Image: gronklimited.jpg][Image: gronko-1.jpg][Image: rob.jpg][Image: gronk0.jpg][Image: PP.jpg][Image: plat2.jpg][Image: plat.jpg][Image: primegronk.jpg][Image: gronkprime.jpg][Image: gronk8.jpg][Image: gronko.jpg][Image: chrome.jpg][Image: gronktrib.jpg][Image: gronkow.jpg]

Post your Gronk cards. I know you've got Gronkitis!
Awesome stuff Gangster, it kills me how fast people can catch and jump in that bandwagon lol
thats a nice little collection you got there. very nice
Show off!!! I have Gronkenvy.

(I'll get 'em scanned and post 'em here shortly!)

Box Pull
[Image: img446-1.jpg]

Inscription /12
[Image: img156.jpg]

For my set
[Image: ISGronkowski.jpg]

Kicking myself for not grabbing the blue jersey sooner!
[Image: img449-1.jpg]

Saw this in oufan's Gresham PC and HAD to have it!! /5
[Image: img446-2.jpg]

[Image: img448-1.jpg]

Thank you Lump!
[Image: img448-2.jpg]

[Image: img447-1.jpg]

[Image: img447-2.jpg]

and this one is because of you G!!! WOOT!!!! I'm Giddy for Gronk!

[Image: img449-2.jpg]
Lump, yeah, he was tearing it up last year.

rgf17, thanks!
Wow!!! Great PC so far!!!
wow nice lil collection you got there. I should of got a few here and there and probably will one day, but i would feel a lil guilty being a big time cowboys and jason witten fan. Naw i will eave em to youWink
I love your PC G!!! I think I've opened this thread about 10 times already! LOL
Ok wait I have a couple from sets let me see

[Image: 299of699001.jpg]

[Image: 111of499001.jpg]

[Image: no-3.jpg]
Thanks Superynaldo and Cowboysfanatic!

Wendy, I k ew you were down with the sickness.

Nice ones Lumpy!

Who else has some?!?!
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